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'More Crop Per Drop': Maharashtra to invest more in micro-irrigation

  • With the motive to double the agricultural income by 2022, Devendra Fadnavis led government in Maharashtra is planning to invest more in the micro-irrigation sector.

    The 'More Crop Per Drop' programme of the government aims to increase the efficiency of water use in agricultural practices through various measures like diversification of crops and a phased shift. The state is planning to optimise the water efficiency by 20% in 2018-19.

    As per the reports Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has directed the Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Finance to revise the schemes to give more priority to micro-irrigation projects to achieve the feat. The budget of the state for irrigation projects and water conservation schemes is Rs 12,000 crore and as per the estimates, the overall expenditure after accounting for micro-irrigation will be Rs 15,000 crore to Rs 20,000 crore.

    Maharashtra has always been inclined towards micro-irrigation. It had become the first Indian state to opt for global tenders in micro irrigation projects in 2012. The government, in 2016, had announced that it will go on fully drip irrigation mode in the coming three years. Last year, the government had made drip irrigation compulsory for sugar cane cultivation over 3.05 lakh hectares.