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Delhi Government Looking Towards Cooperation from South Korea in Wastewater Management

  • South Korea, September 14, 2018: Speaking at the International Conference on Urban Regeneration in Seoul yesterday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal mentioned that he is seeking cooperation from South Korea in wastewater management and water conservation.

    “Our government seeks to have cooperation in wastewater management and water conservation as the demand of water in a growing city like Delhi will always keep increasing, given the scale of its expansion and population influx on a regular basis,” he said.

    Kejriwal also expressed his happiness over the ‘new phase of friendship’ Delhi and Seoul are entering into. He said that the states will soon be officially having Agreements of Friendship and Cooperation in many fields.

    He further stated, “Delhi's waterscape heritage is unique as it has a continual natural water system and there is a huge potential for pedestrianisation and urban connections along these waterways.”

    Arvind Kejriwal also noted that the Delhi Government is looking forward to follow the work done by South Korea in water management and develop streams like Cheonggyecheon Restoration Projet—a drain that was revived and converted into a natural green  linear river.

    The Chief Minister said he is looking forward to close cooperation with Seoul on developing such kinds of streams in Delhi. Citing challenge of unplanned urban settlements which have come up over decades in several parts of the city, Mr Kejriwal said the challenge Delhi faces is that people from various parts of India have tendency to come to the capital city in the hope of employment and a better future.